Risk Management

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Risk Management is a proactive process of identifying, assessing and controlling potential problems before they occur rather than a reactive process of trying to correct problems after they occur. The course includes 7 sessions covering a universal Risk Management Process usable by any organization. You will learn to proactively identify, assess, and help control potential problems before they occur.

Many organizations struggle to meet the 7.1.2 requirement, especially while doing it in a way that actually makes business sense.

We have gotten many requests for training or tools that can help with this requirement. This course not only meets the 7.1.2 requirement but extends well beyond. You will quickly discover the primary focus of this course isn’t simply satisfying 7.1.2. Instead, the course teaches you how to effectively manage and mitigate risk in a way that actually benefits your organization. And as a result, the 7.1.2 requirement is met. This is the first truly effective online course to help you with Risk Management!