Our 10-step Approach - The Key To Success

Understand the goals

The objectives of a successful management system is to facilitate delivering a good product or service, on time, and at a profit.  Any initiative must be weighed against these over-riding goals.  Although customers are demanding certified suppliers, history has proven that only management systems that are improvement based are successful over time.  Prime consideration must be that the management system first meets the organization’s business needs.

Understanding the standard

The standards, like ISO 9001 and its automotive and aerospace derivatives are based upon the Process Approach.  The Process Approach requires that an organization identify its key processes, their sequence and interaction as well defining the criteria for monitoring and/or measuring the process effectiveness.  The emphasis is on developing a system that meets the corporate objectives by concentrating on meeting and improving the individual processes.

Understanding the organization

Every organization is different with different strengths, weaknesses, objectives and needs.  One size does not fit all when it comes to a successful management system.  Successful implementation depends upon tailoring the management system to meet the organizational needs.  The standards are more descriptive than prescriptive in that they describe the requirements but leave the method of implementation to each organization to develop as it meets their business needs.

Understanding the effort

Many organizations have started and failed in their implementation efforts by underestimating the time and resources that are required to adequately address the tasks ahead.  By getting top management on board at an early stage and developing a timeline with defined goals, an organization has a much higher chance of success.  In fact, our clients have never failed. Huge organizations such as entire Army bases have seen first time success as have very small operations.

The Eagle Force Approach

Eagle Force’s approach to the development and implementation of management systems is to focus on making certain the system is:

  • SUITABLE: The system must be suitable for the organization - Neither overly complex or unrealistically simplified.  It must fit the organization, its processes, products/services, and personnel
  • ADEQUATE:  The system must be adequate to meet the requirements of the standard being pursued
  • EFFECTIVE:  The system must be effective in accomplishing the organization goals and objectives

The Eagle Force 10-step approach to certification has successfully resulted systems that are suitable, adequate and effective while having a very high ROI (Return On Investment).

Blueprint For Success

This strategy has proven highly effective. Our clients have used this methodology to both achieve certification and improve their competitive advantage. In the ten steps outlined below lie the heart of the development and implementation strategy for a successful improvement-based management system.

Eagle Force's 10 Step Approach


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