Corrective Action Made EZ

A Corrective Action system that actually works. Finally! We've seen our system work across the country from military installations to private organizations time and again. Our clients love the results and so will you. We guarantee our Corrective Action system will work for you or we will refund 100% of the money you spend on the course.

Our extremely popular corrective action training is now available online! We are very excited to deliver this highly sought after course.

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Modeled After NTSB's Investigative Techniques

The “Corrective Action Process Made EZ” course is based on over 50 years of experience in effective solving problems and the process the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) has used to make airplane travel extraordinarily safe (21 times safer than auto travel per passenger mile).

Auditors are beginning to write more findings because most corrective action processes are not working as required. All management standards (ISO 9001, TS16949, AS9100, AS9110, ISO 14001, ISO 13485) require a functioning corrective action process to preclude problem recurrence. This “Corrective Action Process Made EZ” course provides the guidance to meet the management system requirements and solve problems to continually improve your organization.

Course Syllabus

Session 1 Introduction 3:22 min
Session 2 Troubleshooting/Containment & Corrective Action Preview 12:45 min
Session 3 Roles & Responsibilities 2:28 min
Session 4 The Corrective Action Model 5:31 min
Session 5 Describe the Problem 11:46 min
Session 6 Identify the Problem Cause Preview 24:58 min
Session 7 The Appropriate Action To Eliminate the Cause Preview 17:10 min
Session 8 Review of the Corrective Action Process 11:16 min



What Makes Our Corrective Action System So Powerful

Most corrective action systems focus on finding the cause of a problem. But they don't even do that very well. Watch the video to discover how our system goes beyond simply finding the cause and teaches you how to perform the 3 primary steps to finding and fixing problems permanently.

Our Money Back Guarantee

"This isn't something you do just to fill out a corrective action request to please an auditor. This really works!" We're so confident you'll love this system that we're willing to offer a complete refund if you're not satisfied for any reason. Complete satisfaction or a complete refund. It doesn't get any simpler than that. We know you'll love this corrective action system. Watch the video to see why.

Beyond Discovery - Learn How To Use Our System

This course doesn’t just present you with an amazing corrective action system. It actually teaches you how to use it yourself. You’ll learn how to implement it, what the 5 primary roles of a corrective action program should be, and the application/interaction of each of these roles. All of this backed by our money-back guarantee. Watch the video to learn more.


Subjects Covered Include:

  • Key Terms: Developing a clear understanding of containment, corrective and preventive actions
  • Explanations of the management system requirements for Corrective Action and Preventive Action.
  • An introduction to the Corrective Action Model with a number of aviation examples
  • Detail coverage of the Corrective Action Model steps and related problem solving tools, with examples.
  • Detailed descriptions of the roles and responsibilities in an effective Corrective/Preventive Action process for:
    • The Originator
    • The Administrator
    • The Investigator
    • The Implementer
    • The Verifier
  • Containment/Repair versus Corrective Action
  • Detailed coverage of the Corrective Action Model with aviation related examples:
    • Describing the Problem – Tools including “Is/Is Not”, etc.
    • Identifying the Problem Cause – Tools including the Process of Elimination, Root Cause, 5 Whys, Strategic Business, etc.
    • Determining Appropriate Action to Eliminate Problem Cause – Tools including Creative Problem Solving, Priority Mapping, etc.

All of this is presented in an easy to understand and entertaining manner, that includes the use of many unique graphics and examples.

Who should take this course? We developed this course and made it easy to understand for:

  • Management representatives
  • Those responsible for the development of a management system
  • Those that might generate a corrective action
  • Those that might investigate a corrective action (problem
  • Those needing to develop a corrective action to preclude problem recurrence
  • Those administering a corrective action process
  • Anyone dealing with problems

The “Corrective Action Process Made EZ” course can help you and your organization solve problems that are impacting your operation and customer satisfaction with a corrective action process that employees will like.

Why E-Learning?

  • Cost effective: save hundreds of dollars in both traditional training and travel expensesE-learning keyboard
  • Time effective: no travel, no depending on external training dates and locations
  • Learn at your own pace: courses allow you to sign up whenever you want and proceed based on your own schedule and time constraints
  • Learn anywhere, anytime: courses are available through the website 24 hours a day and can be accessed anywhere an active internet connection exists


Cost per student: $349 Enroll Now

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