Internal Auditing Made EZ - ISO 45001

1. New to Internal Auditing?
Start here. This course will guide you from the begining to fully auditing your QMS.

2. Are you an experienced auditor and need to learn how to audit to ISO 45001?
We've designed this course to rapidly catch you up with the changes and know how to audit to the new standard.

We're very excited about this course! You will learn how to take the cumbersome process of auditing and trim it down into a manageable, approachable process. We've broken down each section into bite-sized chunks allowing you to work through each lesson and learn these methods both quickly and easily.

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Internal Auditing Made EZ teaches you how to address three essential questions:

  1. Are the processes appropriately documented per the standard and organization requirements?
  2. Are the processes fully deployed and implemented as documented?
  3. Are the processes affected in providing the required results?

Auditor candidates should be trained and their training documented.

This course provides the training necessary. You will receive a certificate of training that can be downloaded or printed upon completion of the course, which will satisfy any training and documentation requirements.

Course Syllabus

Section 1 Introduction To Internal Auditing  
Lesson 0-1 Welcome 1:00
Lesson 1-1 Introduction To This Course 2:00
Lesson 1-2 Definitions 3:00
Lesson 1-3 Internal Auditor Candidates 1:00
Lesson 1-4 Types of Internal Audits 2:00
Lesson 1-5 Internal Auditor Role 2:00
Lesson 1-6 Internal Audit Requirements 3:00
Lesson 1-7 Strategy For Success 3:00
Lesson 1-8 Internal Audit Questions 1:00
Section 2 The Auditing Process  
Lesson 2-1 The Process Approach 9:00
Lesson 2-2 The Internal Audit Process 2:00
Section 3 Internal Audit Planning  
Lesson 3-1 Internal Audit Planning Benefits 4:00
Lesson 3-2 Internal Audit Planning Considerations 3:00
Lesson 3-3 Internal Audit Checklists 5:00
Section 4 Conducting Internal Audits  
Lesson 4-1 Phases of Conducting Internal Audits 3:00
Lesson 4-2 Phase 1 - Verifying Documentation 3:00
Lesson 4-3 Phase 2 - Verifying Implementation 11:00
Lesson 4-4 Phase 3 - Verifying Effectiveness 5:00
Lesson 4-4 Changing Audit Emphasis 6:00
Section 5 Internal Audit Reporting  
Lesson 5-1 Internal Audit Reporting 5:00
Section 6 Internal Audit Follow-up  
Lesson 6-1 Internal Audit Follow-up 2:00
Lesson 6-2 Internal Audit Results 2:00
Section 7 Two Projects  
Lesson 7-1 Breaking the Projects Into Manageable Tasks 3:00
Lesson 7-2 The Audit Planning & Scheduling Matrix 4:00
Lesson 7-3 Overview of ISO 45001 Requirements 7:00
Lesson 7-4 Identifying Responsibility on the Audit Planning & Scheduling Matrix 4:00
Lesson 7-5 Using the Audit Planning & Scheduling Matrix 3:00
Section 8 The Checklist  
Lesson 8-1 Starting a Process or Function Checklist 4:00
Lesson 8-2 Context of the Organization – Clause 4 13:00
Lesson 8-3 Leadership – Clause 5 7:00
Lesson 8-4 Planning – Clause 6 7:00
Lesson 8-5 Support – Clause 7 20:00
Lesson 8-6 Operation – Clause 8 11:00
Lesson 8-7 Performance Evaluation – Clause 9 12:00
Lesson 8-8 Improvement – Clause 10 10:00
Section 9 Final Thoughts  
Lesson 9-1 Putting It All Together 8:00


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