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Are your projects coming in past deadline and over budget?

All too often, people find themselves surrounded by paperwork with project progress moving at a crawl, original resource estimates nowhere near accurate and an unmotivated team. Responsibility falls to the project manager to make decisions, monitor quality control and motivate the team to stay on target.

Every day, we’re judged by our ability to manage projects, priorities and deadlines. The success or failure of the project is a direct reflection of your ability to organize, execute and lead. The above scenario probably sounds familiar because many projects closely resemble those circumstances. But don’t worry, you’re not alone and we have the tools to help.

Become the champion of your organization by learning how to complete projects on time, on budget and on target!


What You Will Learn

  • A universally applicable process for completing projects on time and on budget
  • The difference between project and process management
  • How to break down large projects into easily manageable tasks
  • How to monitor and manage progress of projects
  • An easy approach to Gantt charts that greatly simplifies project management
  • Applying corrective actions to problems that occur in projects
  • How to meet aerospace standards requirements related to project management
6 Dynamic Sessions

Session 1
Project Initiation

Session 2
Work Breakdown Analysis

Session 3
Task (Work) Scheduling

Session 4
Monitoring & Managing Progress

Session 5
Corrective Action

Session 6
Close Out

Who Should Attend?

Eagle Force’s Project Management e-course is designed for anyone who manages projects of any size, regardless of their nature. But it’s not just for the managers. This course is intended for anyone who is involved in projects. Even if you are not the lead and simply a team member, this course will provide you with invaluable insight into how projects work. Eagle Force’s project management course will equip you to become a key member in the success of every project you are involved with.

Too much work and not enough time to do it?

Our courses are designed to accommodate even the busiest of schedules. Each course is broken down into self-contained sessions. Those sessions can be tackled individually or as a group if you have the time. Our Project Management course has been carefully crafted so that it can be completed in as little as one day. But even if you only have an hour to spare, each session is on demand and ready when you are. Our courses are designed to fit your schedule.

Why waste $500, $700 or even $1000 plus travel and time away from from the job? Typical Project Management seminars require several days and hundreds of dollars.

What does this mean? No costly travel, saving days-worth of time at a fraction of the cost of other project management seminars.

This is a 6-session course that teaches easily understood and applied techniques for managing any size project. You will learn how to manage projects, regardless of their nature or size, so that they meet quality, cost and time objectives.


Course Syllabus

Session 1: Project Initiation

  • How to recognize the need for a project
  • Setting project objectives
  • Selecting the project leader and team
  • Initiating the project

Session 2: Work Breakdown Analysis

  • Learn how to simplify large projects by dividing them into tasks or work packages
  • Learn how to plan a project to meet three main objectives: quality, cost and time
  • See example WBA’s that demonstrate project subdivision and simplification of complex tasks
  • Get answers to questions like:
    • How far should a project be broken down?
    • Who should be involved?
    • How can the WBA be used to define the scope of the project?

Session 3: Task (Work) Scheduling

  • Learn how to meet deadlines
  • Create realistic schedules that can be met
  • Use the WBA to plan duration of tasks
  • How to create Gantt charts
  • Use Gantt charts to easily chart and track project progress

Session 4: Monitoring & Managing Progress

  • Why and how to monitor project progress
  • Benefits of proper monitoring
  • How to use the Gantt chart to monitor & manage progress
  • Learn valuable monitoring tools such as:
    • Inspection
    • Progress Reviews
    • Testing
    • Audits

Session 5: Corrective Action

  • How to use the results of monitoring & managing progress to identify required corrective actions
  • Bring projects back on track for performance, budget and schedule
  • Learn to recognize when corrective actions are necessary
  • Learn 9 key corrective actions that can be applied to any project

Session 6: Close Out

  • Learn how and when to close out the project and return project members to regular responsibilities
  • How to examine each phase of the project to review performance and effectiveness
  • Analyze projects to determine lessons learned and apply those to future projects


Why E-Learning?

  • Cost effective: save hundreds of dollars in both traditional training and travel expensesE-learning keyboard
  • Time effective: no travel, no depending on external training dates and locations
  • Learn at your own pace: courses allow you to sign up whenever you want and proceed based on your own schedule and time constraints
  • Learn anywhere, anytime: courses are available through the website 24 hours a day and can be accessed anywhere an active internet connection exists


Cost per student: $195 Enroll Now

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