AS9110 Rev C Made EZ

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This course introduces the aerospace standard AS9110 titled Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation Maintenance Organizations. In today's world, if an aviation, space or defense maintenance organization is not certified or in the process of becoming certified to AS9110 Rev C, they are in trouble. AS9100 certification is becoming mandatory for any manufacturer of aviation, space or defense products.

AS9110 can be very intimidating when first viewed

The AS9110 standard is written in bureaucratic language. It only presents requirements for certification but doesn't tell you how to meet those requirements. This causes frustration. In this course we:

  • Simplify and make easy to understand AS9110 requirements
  • Go beyond to give you what must be done to comply with the standards
  • Describe the process to become internationally certified

This e-course introduces the AS9110 standard and what is required for certification

This course covers the history of the standards development. It helps you determine the applicability of AS9110 to your organization. It presents an improvement-based quality system development and implementation plan. The course covers all of the standard requirements in detail, and how you should approach meeting those requirements to both comply with the standard and improve your organization.

This course discusses the certification process and how to sustain the system once it is certified. All of this is presented in an easy to understand manner, that includes the use of many unique graphics, examples and animations.

Who should take this course? We developed this course and made it easy to understand for:

  • Anyone who needs the AS9110 standard explained in clear terms
  • Those responsible for the development of a quality management system that meets AS9110
  • Those responsible for implementation of a quality management system that meets AS9110
  • Anyone that may be auditing to the standard
  • Others in the organization that interface with the standard's requirements
  • Top management that need to get a quick overview of the standard
  • Anyone else that is interested in AS9110

With this course you can lay out your plans and start on the path to become certified to AS9100. Sign up today!

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Cost per student: $545 Enroll Now

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