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Contracting Through GSA Made Simple

The process of contracting with Eagle Force through the GSA has been made very simple. The GSA has outlined the ordering procedures for services requiring a Statement of Work. This means contracting with Eagle Force through the GSA has become very simple. Just follow the few steps outlined on the GSA's website to dramatically reduce the work involved. Click the link below to be taken to the GSA's website and view the steps.

GSA's Ordering Procedures for Services Requiring a Statement of Work (SOW)

We created a whitepaper, which the GSA has approved, that covers the process the GSA outlines on their site. The whitepaper explains the steps in a clear, easy to understand manner that you will find very helpful. You can download the whitepaper using the link below:

Download Whitepaper


We Are A GSA Contract Holder

Eagle Force was awarded a GSA contract! Contracting Eagle Force for consulting and training services is very easy now that the U.S. General Services Administration has awarded us a GSA contract. Our GSA contract number is: GS-10F-0171V. As a GSA Schedule contractor, Eagle Force is listed in the Schedules e-library.

Eagle Force is listed in GSA Advantage

Eagle Force has been pre-approved by the government for contracts of any size; it is not necessary to go to an open bidding process (FedBidOpps) as with non-GSA firms. The only stipulation is that the purchasing agent must ensure that the government is getting the best value. This is not necessarily the same as the lowest price, obviously. Note: this evaluation can easily be done by comparing three competing contract holders against the Statement of Work. The best fit qualifies for the contract. It is that simple. You can download Eagle Force’s GSA approved guide to easy contracting through GSA Advantage.
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Protect Yourself

Don't let your potential competitors play the "Change Game!" With ill-defined processes and undocumented services, you are vulnerable in an A76 to a competitor low-balling to get the business and expecting to play catch-up with the changes that inevitably come when the customer recognizes the work that is going undone. Using ISO 9001/AS9100/AS9110 we will help you establish a management system that captures all your processes and products that your customers have come to value. Also, with your certification to ISO 9001/AS9100/AS9110, certification can become a requirement for any potential competitor, thus leveling the playing field.

However, you still need to be competitive, and that is where our approach toISO 9001/AS9100/AS9110 is unique. The Eagle Force approach integrates the most appropriate improvement tools (such as Lean, Theory of Constraints, Six Sigma, Value Stream Mapping, etc,) with the ISO 9001/AS9100/AS9110 management system that produces a competitive advantage in quality, cost and delivery in a user-friendly format. The net effect of employing the Eagle Force approach for you is success in an A76 or BRACS study along with the favorable customer publicity that comes from outstanding service being delivered at competitive costs.

Military Sector

A76 and BRACS are major threats to the existing military bases and the work, as it is currently conducted on them. We can help combat these threats through a strategy selecting and implementing the most appropriate improvement tools to achieve a competitive advantage over potential commercial competitors and a management system to institutionalize those gains using ISO 9001 (or one of its derivatives).


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Quality Management Tools Offered: - Click Listings To Expand

Gap Analysis

A gap analysis is an activity designed to evaluate the existing system against the automotive requirements, identify the gaps, and develop an action plan to close those gaps so that the system then conforms.  Part of the activities of this gap analysis & planning would be spent in training in the requirements and the recommended actions.  A deliverable from the gap analysis would be a report showing strengths, weaknesses, and areas that need to be addressed.

Executive Overview

The primary complaint of most organizations is lack of senior management support. This one to two hour management overview is designed to present to senior management the benefits of an improvement based ISO 9001 management system. In fact, many of our companies do not call it a quality management system but rather a business management system. Once top management sees that this management system is actually geared toward improving competitive advantage, top management support is never an issue.

Topics covered include:

  • Why most organizations do not benefit from ISO 9001
  • How you can create an improvement based system
  • How your management system effects competitive advantage
  • How to effectively manage top management objectives
  • The Ten-Step approach Eagle Force Consulting uses to implement the system
Force field analysis in development strategy

This tool is designed to transform negative motivations into positive involvement of the entire management staff. By identifying why an organization is implementing a management system and defining what each member would like out of the effort not only gets everybody onboard but provides key design criteria for establishing a system that meets organizational needs.

Developing Management Objectives

A critical part of an improvement based system and required by ISO 9001 is the identification of top management objectives. Many organizations struggle with driving the objectives down to the process level so that all the players understand what they must do to achieve the goal. This tool (Strategic Business Breakout) is designed to provide management with the methodology to manage this ongoing project.

Process Management & Process Mapping

The heart of ISO 9001 is the process management approach. Previous versions of ISO 9000 were focused on a silo-approach which had major weaknesses. The identification of processes, their sequence and interaction, along with defining how a process is know to be effective is a key step in developing an ISO 9001 compliant system. Eagle Force Consulting has developed an easy to use and encompassing tool to facilitate this effort.

Documentation Development

To have a truly robust management system there needs to be a suitable documentation system. Documents need to be brief, to the point, applicable to the organization, and easy to understand and use. Eagle Force Consulting has developed templates along these lines to facilitate the development of a documented system. It is not necessary to re-invent the wheel.

Internal Auditor Training

A strong, solid internal audit program is essential to the development and continual growth of an improvement based ISO 9001 management system. Eagle Force Consulting has developed the premier internal auditor training course available. Most of the lessons are taught in a Socratic-style using actual case studies. Internal audits must evolve with the management system, with emphasis changing from documentation to implementation to effectiveness. Auditors in this course learn how to perform process-based internal audits in each of these phases.

Eagle Force has a team of highly qualified aerospace/defense auditors that are also performing certification audits for registrars so they know exactly the kind of internal audit that is useful for your company.  Many organizations are finding it cost effective to contract out the internal audit function to Eagle Force.  For more information click here to go to our Internal Audit page (which we have to develop).

Management Representative Development

The Management Representative is not only the key person in maintaining an improvement based ISO 9001 system, but also has the greatest opportunity within the organization to make a positive impact in the competitive advantage. One of Eagle Force’s primary objectives is to see that this person is a success. The Management Representative must effectively manage internal audits, corrective & preventive actions, document control, continual improvement, supplier development, and many other things such as interacting with senior management and every other level within the organization and frequently external parties as well.

Management Review

Management Review, when done properly, will have dramatic positive effects on the organization. This is intended to be a top management meeting in which all management are interacting and involved. Eagle Force Consulting has developed methodologies to facilitate this dynamic management review.

Corrective and Preventive Action

Eagle Force Consulting has developed a highly effective Corrective and Preventive Action methodology. Effectiveness here is dependent upon identifying and addressing the actual root-cause. The best solution may not be eliminating the root-cause, but in interrupting the sequence. This Eagle Force Consulting methodology was developed by our president and patterned after the NSTB’s highly effective program.

Continual Improvement

Even though an organization may enjoy competitive advantage today, it must continue to improve or it will be out of business tomorrow. Eagle Force Consulting has developed a method for organizations to drive significant, measurable, and lasting improvements in areas of critical importance to senior management.

Supplier Development

Many organizations are dependent on their suppliers in order to provide quality and on-time delivery. Eagle Force Consulting’s supplier development is founded on establishing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers. This has resulted in shorter lead times, higher quality received, less inventory, and shorter cycle times.