Clients Soar to Success

We work with clients with a couple employees and ones with thousands, commercial & military, automotive, aerospace, medical, and others.

Eagle Force Advantage

With hundreds of certifications, Eagle Force has had the privilege of working with large and small organizations to help them achieve their goals in an economical and timely fashion. The key has always been to help an organization establish a system that is suitable to meet the organization’s needs, adequate to meets the requirements of the standard being pursued, and effective in helping the organization meet improvement objectives. By helping organizations create improvement-based systems, Eagle Force has significantly improved their clients’ competitive advantage. So whether you are looking to upgrade an ISO 9001 system or start from scratch, Eagle Force has a process that ensures success! We have developed a ten-step approach that is modified to meet each organization’s needs.

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Below is a sampling of some of our clients and the products they make.

(Click on the client company name to visit their website.)
Client Sites Products
1109th AVCRAD 1 site repair and maintenance of helicopters
Aker Kvaerner (Subsea Division) 3 site manufacture subsea drilling equipment
American Family Insurance 1 site insurance provider
American Ring & Tool 2 sites aerospace distributors
Applied Thin-Film Products 1 site manufacture of thin-film products
Associated Sales International 1 site aerospace distributors
Boyd Corp. 5 sites automotive/aerospace products
Buckeye Color & Chemical 1 site manufactures of pigment and coloring
Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station 1 Site industrial material handling for Marine Corps air support
Corpus Christi Army Depot 1 site military rotary-wing aircraft maintenance
Digital Control Inc 1 site manufacturers of underground guidance systems
Donal Machine 1 site precision machining, welding, & fabrication
Doncasters 1 site manufacturers of aerospace parts
Evco Plastics 4 plants injection molded products
Evergreen Helicopters 3 sites commercial airlift carrier
Fastener Technology 1 site fasterner distributor
Federal Screw Works 3 sites automotive fasteners
Fleet Readiness Center - San Diego 3 sites Naval support facility
Flextronics 1 site aerospace electronics
Fokker Aircraft - Europe 4 sites aircraft manufacturer
Geco 1 site manufacture of aerospace electronics
Jacksonville Naval Air Station 1 site industrial material handling for Naval air support
Jaco Engineering 1 site aerospace machine shope
King Machine 3 plants tire tooling manufacturer
MAXSYS Technologies 1 site aerospace test equipment
Merex Inc. 1 site defense logistics provider
MicroWeld 1 site repair of turbine engine castings and components
Mold-Rite Plastics 1 plant manufacture pharmaceutical bottles
MPC Industries 1 site aluminum finishing
NADEP 1 site Naval air support
Nelson Engineering 1 site high precision aerospace machining
Pacific Precision Products 1 site manufacturer of aerospace oxygen systems
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne 3 sites manufacturer of rocket motors
Rubbermaid 1 plant rubber & plastic products
Russell Products 3 sites manufacturer of coated products
Science & Engineering Services 1 site military aircraft maintenance and design and manufacture of aerospace components
Softmart 4 sites software resellers
Swiss Wire EDM 1 site aerospace EDM
T-Fal HQ & 1 plant cookware
The Cable Connection 1 site manufacturer of aerospace cable assemblies
Timken Roller Bearing Co. 3 Sites automotive steel
Tobyhanna Army Depot 1 site maintenance and repair of ground vehicles
United Plating 1 site automotive, defense & aerospace platings
Vacco Products 1 site aerospace components
Wilson Mold 1 plant tire tooling manufacturer