ISO 45001 Made EZ

1. Don't have any certification?
Start here. This course will guide you from inception to full certification.

2. Transitioning from OHSAS 18001? 
We've designed this course to rapidly catch you up with the changes and know how to transition to the new standard.

This is a very dynamic course that is easy to follow. We've broken down each section into bite-sized chunks allowing you to work through each lesson and learn the standard quickly and easily.

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ISO 45001 can be very intimidating when first viewed

This implementation of ISO 45001 is a standard that includes a focus on planning and risk analysis. Stop trying to decode what the standard is actually saying. ISO 45001 Made EZ presents the standard in plain language and shows you how to actually implement it. The ISO 45001 standard is written in bureaucratic language. It only presents requirements for certification but doesn't tell you how to meet those requirements. This causes frustration. In this course we:

  • Simplify and make easy to understand ISO 45001 requirements
  • Go beyond to give you what must be done to comply with the standards
  • Learn how to implement ISO 45001 in a way that meets your own organization's needs

Course Syllabus

Section 1 Introduction, History & Applicability  
Lesson 1-1 Introduction To This Course 6 min
Lesson 1-2 History 6 min
Lesson 1-3 Commonality in Standards 5 min
Lesson 1-4 The Process Approach 5 min
Lesson 1-5 Overview of ISO 45001 Requirements 6 min
Section 2 Implementing ISO 45001  
Lesson 2-1 Clause 7.5 – Documented Information 11 min
Lesson 2-2 Clause 4 – Context of the Organization 21 min
Lesson 2-3 Clause 5 – Leadership & Worker Participation 18 min
Lesson 2-4 Clause 6 – Planning 24 min
Lesson 2-5 Clause 7 – Support 21 min
Lesson 2-6 Clause 8 – Operational Planning & Control 18 min
Lesson 2-7 Clause 9 – Performance Evaluation 19 min
Lesson 2-8 Clause 10 – Improvement 12 min
Lesson 2-9 Summary & Final Thoughts 7 min


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